Why You and Your Dog Must Watch the FIFA World Cup!

It’s World Cup season unless you’ve been living under a rock, so you know that! Include your dog with the crowd of millions of people watching the sports with their friends and family! The ideal companions to watch the World Cup with, in our opinion at Animal Fair, are animals. This is why?

Unchanging Com -paw-nionship

Everyone has had the experience of spending time with a cute pair and feeling a little… odd. Nobody enjoys being the third wheel. Your dog will undoubtedly adore you more than anyone else on earth, and all of your pals will be envious of your affectionate embraces. Cuddle up!

Display Your Team Colors Rather Than Collars

There’s no need to worry about irritable supporters of your competitors getting on your nerves because your pet will always cheer for the same team as you. Give your friend a treat when your team succeeds to make it much more enjoyable! ¡GOOOOL!

Hey Dawg, settle down!

It occasionally seems as though we are playing on the field with our squad even though we are not. Our pets will always offer us a fuzzy embrace when we are stressed out or angry, regardless of the cause—whether it’s an injured player, a missed shot, or worst of all, a lost match. Studies have shown dogs to reduce anxiety, so enjoy yourself and pet your pet.

Raise the Ruff and Take Fido Out!

Would you prefer to watch the game outside? No issue! Fido is welcome to join in the fun because more establishments are becoming dog-friendly each year. Just make sure your canine friend is relaxed and doesn’t feel unsafe in crowded places!

Life is Hard.

Let’s face it, we don’t want to exert the effort daily. Maybe you just feel like wearing sweatpants and pajamas today. That’s alright! You don’t have to worry about tidying up your living space for human visitors because your dog won’t condemn you. On these sweltering days, relax on the couch and don’t worry about the high expense of snacks and beverages—you only need each other!

Bark like David Beckham.

Your dog will always be game for a quick pickup game after the game is over. Get moving outside! Where is your sense of unity?
The SEMI-FINALS will follow. Show your team support by wearing their colors.

However you choose to celebrate, don’t forget to involve your canine companion.

USA vs. Japan is the key matchup today. Comment below and let us know who you and your dog are supporting!

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