What Are The Prices For Birds At PetSmart? (2022-2023)

If you’re thinking about getting one as a pet, finches, parakeets, conures, and other birds are available for purchase at PetSmart. Find the bird you’re looking for at your neighborhood PetSmart, whether it’s a tiny or large one. You may get your cage, bowls, toys, and perches from this retail behemoth, in addition to a large range of other bird supplies.

The Value of Purchasing a Bird from a Reputable Supplier

There are many people selling birds in the United States, and, to be honest, some of them shouldn’t be. A bird may be little more than a product for some vendors to quickly recoup their investment.

A pet bird must spend time with people to become accustomed to them and develop a link with its new owner in order to have a happy and healthy life. When you get a bird from a respected vendor who values the birds they sell, it’s possible that the bird has been handled, amused, and conversed with by people, giving it great potential as a pet. Therefore, avoid dealing with any bird vendor who seems only interested in making money.

Breeders who are operating large-scale operations are the last people you want to purchase a bird from. Breeders of this kind are probably unaware of and unconcerned about the types of birds they are mating with and the general health of the birds. A large breeder like this is just concerned with hatching the eggs so they can pack and sell the birds as soon as possible.

A good place to purchase a bird is PetSmart. In addition to caring for the birds it sells, PetSmart also provides for their needs. Additionally, the company’s Vet Assured program, which was created by veterinarians to enhance the health and well-being of its pets, covers all birds and other live animals that are purchased at PetSmart. Specific pet care requirements are part of this program, and they must be followed in its retail locations.

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What are the prices for birds at PetSmart?

PetSmart offers a range of birds for sale, including:

Finches \sParakeets \sCanaries
Conures a cage with two parakeet birds.

It doesn’t necessarily follow that you won’t be able to find a bird at PetSmart if you wish to purchase a species that isn’t frequently carried there. In this situation, get in touch with your neighborhood PetSmart to learn more about the birds they now have for sale and whether they intend to add the specific species you’re interested in.

Several variables, including the species of bird, its age, and if PetSmart is currently running a promotion on the species you desire, affect the price of a bird from PetSmart. At PetSmart, you may purchase certain birds for $25–$50, some for $125–150, and others for $500–$1,000.

One thing to keep in mind is that live animals, including birds, cannot be purchased from PetSmart online; instead, they may only be purchased in person at one of their physical locations. This implies that if there isn’t a PetSmart store nearby, you might have to look elsewhere for a bird.

When you’ve made up your mind to get a new feathered friend, be honest with yourself about your budget and the kind of bird that will suit you the best. Once you’ve determined your spending limit and the type of bird you want, you also need to account for the additional expenses related to caring for a bird, such as food and supplies.

Below, we’ve broken down the price of birds at Petco so you can see how much it will cost you to buy a bird for the first time.

Finches cost at PetSmart

Finches cost $49.99 at PetSmart. Zebra and Society finches are offered for sale by the merchant. A Society Finch is a good choice if you’ve never kept a bird before. Although this adorable tiny bird is a little wary of people, it is simple to care for and enjoys singing and tweeting.

Another excellent option for a novice is the Zebra Finch, which is also a powerful vocalist. A Zebra Finch has a very active metabolism, which implies that if it is not fed, the bird might starve to death in less than 24 hours.

Parakeet prices at PetSmart

Beautiful birds that love to bond with their human owners and can pick up a few tricks are called parakeets.

The Fancy Parakeet, the Blue Parakeet, and the Green Parakeet are the three varieties available at PetSmart if you have your heart set on acquiring a cute little parakeet. All of the parakeets were for sale at the time of writing on PetSmart’s website. The price of all three varieties of parakeets has been reduced from $44.99 to $31.49.

Canaries cost at PetSmart

The lovely canary from the Canary Islands is available from PetSmart for $149. A canary is a social bird that makes an interesting and entertaining companion. It is known for its attractive colors and singing voice. Although a canary doesn’t want to be handled, it does like to be talked to and whistled at. If you’re interested in a canary, don’t plan on handling it; instead, make sure to give it lots of love, attention, and chatter.

Conure prices at PetSmart

A Green Cheek Conure costs $679.99, while a Fancy Conure costs $899.99, at PetSmart. Both birds are almost the same size—roughly 10 inches long—and are predominantly green in color. Although the Fancy Conure is more affectionate and the Green Cheek Conure is more active, both types will demand your attention.

Additional expenses to budget for

You’ll need to set aside money for some consumables in addition to paying for your bird. The supplies you’ll require for your bird are listed below, along with some general information about each item.

A cage is necessary for your bird to live in unless you have the resources and the space to build an aviary. The number of birds you plan to place within the cage and the kind you have will determine the size of the cage you need.
You’ll spend well over $100 for a good tiny bird cage big enough for a finch, canary, or parakeet. Simply because it is larger, a medium to large bird cage suitable for a conure will cost more.

Cage Accessories: To provide your bird a sense of security and to keep it occupied, you’ll need a number of accessories for the cage are inside. To keep your feathery buddy entertained, get at least one perch, food and water bowls, and one or two bird toys.
You must purchase bird food specifically formulated for the species of bird you own. In addition to providing your bird with high-quality all-purpose food, you can also provide it with some fresh fruits and vegetables to mix up its diet a little.
Pick up an empty spray bottle that you may fill with water to spritz on your bird’s feathers if you intend to bathe it. If you want to do your own nail trimming, a pair of nail trimmers will be useful. Additionally, make sure to buy some styptic powder in case you accidentally cut too close to the nail bed and cause bleeding.

How much you should budget for bird supplies

You should budget at least $150 for bird supplies when you consider the requirements you’ll need for your pet bird, such as a cage, stuff to put inside the cage, food, and grooming tools.

You’ll undoubtedly spend more than $250 by the time you purchase your bird from PetSmart and shop for the supplies you’ll need for your new pet. Depending on the species of bird you choose and where you purchase bird supplies, your final cost could be significantly higher.

As you can see, getting a pet bird and all the accessories you’ll need to help your new pet feel at home both cost money. However, your bird will reward you by giving you endless hours of company and enjoyment.

How to Reduce the Cost of Bird Supplies

Consider looking at secondhand cages and even used stuff like bird toys, food plates, etc. if you’re on a restricted budget and don’t feel like you can manage to spend more than $250 on a bird and supplies. People who once owned birds frequently sell the supplies they have, frequently for astronomical rates.

If you do choose to buy old bird supplies, make sure they are in excellent condition and clean. If you choose not to purchase secondhand, compare prices online and in your neighborhood. Be careful to look because you can get lucky and discover everything you require at a discount.

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Making Your New Bird Feel at Home: Some Tips

It will take your new bird around two weeks to become used to life in his new place. Place your bird’s cage in a common area of your homes, such as the living room or kitchen, so that he may become used to the sights and noises and ensure a smooth transition to his new surroundings.

Take things slowly at first and speak carefully around your bird to avoid startling your feathered buddy. Every now and then, give your bird a pleasant treat like a piece of fruit or a vegetable. Your bird will quickly start to feel at home and begin singing, chirping, and playing.

Final Thought

Depending on the kind of bird you wish to purchase and whether or not your neighborhood PetSmart is having a sale, the cost of birds varies. In total, you’ll spend well over $250, give or take a few dollars, by the time you’ve bought your bird and all the stuff he needs to feel completely at home.

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