Hiking with an Anxious Dog

Many dogs enjoy long runs outside, away from the city. As a result, if you plan to go on a hike, bring your dog along to give them some exercise.

Hiking with a hyperactive dog, on the other hand, is a different story. Anxious puppies can be difficult to manage on hikes. This is especially true if they come across other people, dogs, or wild animals along the way. Despite the difficulties, hiking with your anxious dog is not impossible. It simply takes a lot of planning, patience, and understanding.

Stock up on equipment

As a hiker, you invest in good hiking shoes and clothing, and you should do the same for your dog.

Many reputable dog gear stores sell appropriate collars, leashes, and harnesses for canicross and other high-octane canine activities. Look for those that include a measurement chart for each product.

Understand Your Dog’s Triggers

A dog owner must understand what causes their anxious pet to become anxious. It differs for each dog, just as it does for humans.  Here are some of the most common dog triggers as a quick reference:

Aggression Pacing Panting profusely trembling and shivering Excessive whining or barking Prepare for those triggers to appear while on the hike.

Bring Some Desserts

All dogs enjoy treats. Aside from bringing enough water for your dog to the hiking trail, don’t forget to bring snacks for your canine companion.

Relax and unwind

De-stressing is essential after hiking with your dog. Exploring new places can be mentally taxing for a reactive dog, so allow them to unwind as soon as you get home. Allow your dog to rest for a few hours without any stimulation, extra activities, or, most importantly, visitors.