Teen shoves bear that swatted family dog in California yard

Teen Shoves Bear that Swatted Family Dog in California Yard: An Analysis


In recent news, a teenager in California has gained attention for shoving a bear that was attacking their family dog. The incident took place in a residential yard, where the bear had wandered into and swatted the family dog. The quick thinking and bravery of the teen have been praised by many, but it has also raised questions about the proper response to bear encounters and the safety of both humans and animals in such situations.

The Importance of Knowing Bear Behavior

Bears are known to be powerful and dangerous animals, and it is essential for people to understand their behavior and habits in order to stay safe in bear country. In general, bears are shy and will avoid humans if possible, but they may become aggressive if they feel threatened or are protecting their young.

When encountering a bear, it is recommended to give it plenty of space and to avoid surprising or cornering the animal. Making loud noises, waving your arms, and standing tall can also help to deter a bear from approaching. However, if a bear does attack, it is crucial to fight back and not play dead, as playing dead is typically only effective in response to a predatory attack.

The Role of Dogs in Bear Encounters

Dogs can play a significant role in bear encounters, both positive and negative. On one hand, a dog’s barking can alert their owner to the presence of a bear, allowing them to take appropriate action. On the other hand, dogs can also attract bears to a location and even provoke them into attacking.

It is recommended to keep dogs on a leash in bear country and to supervise them closely. If a bear does approach, it is important to pick up the dog and move away slowly, avoiding direct eye contact with the bear and speaking in a calm, assertive voice.

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The Teen’s Response: Was it the Right Thing to Do?

In the recent California incident, the teen’s response to the bear attacking their family dog was to physically shove the animal. While the teen’s actions were brave and may have saved the dog’s life, they also put themselves in harm’s way and may have escalated the situation.

In general, it is not recommended to physically confront a bear, as doing so can result in serious injury or death. Instead, it is usually best to retreat slowly and speak in a calm, assertive voice while making yourself as large as possible.

The Aftermath of the Incident

After the incident, the bear was reportedly frightened away and was not seen again. The family dog received medical attention and is expected to make a full recovery. The teen was not injured.

The incident has once again brought attention to the importance of understanding bear behavior and the proper response to bear encounters. It has also sparked discussions about the role of dogs in bear encounters and the responsibility of pet owners to keep their animals safe in bear country.


In conclusion, the recent incident in California involving a teen shoving a bear that was attacking their family dog highlights the importance of understanding bear behavior and the proper response to bear encounters. While the teen’s actions may have been well-intentioned, they also put themselves in harm’s way and may have escalated the situation. It is crucial for people to educate themselves on the behavior and habits of bears and to take appropriate steps to protect both themselves and their pets in bear country.

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