National Pet Day

Even though April 11 is National Pet Day, pet owners realize that they celebrate their animal companions every day of the year. So give your rabbit a hug, pet your hedgehog, and give your cat some catnip! You are made glad by that creature, but not only that. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has collaborated on studies to identify the psychological and physical advantages of owning a pet for the past ten years. It turns out that pets not only win our hearts, but they also improve cardiovascular health by lowering blood pressure, cortisol, and cholesterol levels.


On April 11, National Pet Day honors all of our furry pals, including cats, dogs, birds, and even tigers.


Colleen Paige, an animal welfare activist, and lifestyle consultant created National Pet Day in 2006 to recognize the joy that dogs can bring to our lives. She also wanted to highlight the numerous animals of all kinds waiting to be adopted at shelters and their ongoing needs. She suggested contacting rescue organizations rather than going to a breeder if someone was looking for purebred dogs or cats. End your shopping! “Adopt!” is the season’s buzzword.

According to a 1973 estimate by the Humane Society of the United States, 13 million cats and dogs are thought to enter shelters each year. Some of them were seized during legal proceedings, while others were surrendered by owners who could no longer care for them. Around 6.5 million companion animals are reportedly brought into shelters each year, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In addition, 1.6 million cats and dogs find their lifelong homes.

Colleen’s vacation started in the US but swiftly expanded abroad. In several nations, including the UK, Ireland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Spain, Guam, Scotland, and many others, pet owners now mark the day.

Celebrities have also gotten behind the cause. National Pet Day has received support from celebrities like Taylor Swift, Ellen DeGeneres, Ricky Gervais, Cee Lo Green, Jimmy Fallon, Willy Nelson, Kevin Bacon, Seth Myers, and others.

Social media has also contributed to the excitement and awareness-building for Colleen’s cause. When Barack Obama was president, he used a picture of Bo, one of the two Portuguese water dogs he shared the White House with, to win over fans on all political sides. Bo was given a new home after struggling to get along with an elderly dog owned by a family in Texas.

National Pet Day is observed annually.

Country Holiday Occasion Date
welcomes its feline companions on Cat Day.
The native elephants of this area are honored on February 22nd, Thailand National Elephant Day.
Ziggy Diena in Latvia on March 13
On this day, Latvia honors horses.
January 17 is Hedgehog Day in Italy.
Italy also celebrates Hedgehog Day, which is akin to Groundhog Day.
Poland’s Day to Support Forest Animals is on February 2.
On this day, we recognize the value of forest animals and the effects of environmental change.
11 February

National Pet Day customs for 2021

On National Pet Day, furry infants receive the best possible treatment. Owners go above and above to show their animals the respect and care that they require (well, more than on any other day). On this day, pets are given a little more attention by being taken for a walk or a drive, having their favorite snacks purchased, or receiving a new toy to play with.

Since National Pet Day is one of the finest days for youngsters to persuade their parents to get a pet, it’s not uncommon for families to add new members by adopting pets from shelters or buying pedigrees on this day. Everyone is celebrating because every other post on social media has elegant portraiture or adorable candid photos of animals.


The amount by which owning a dog lowers the risk of dying from heart disease is 36%.

10% of pet owners are allergic to their animals.

There are 5000–7000 tigers kept as pets in the United States.

94% of families with autistic children reported that owning a pet benefited them.

44% of respondents say they prefer to cuddle with their pet over their lover.

There are 200 million stray dogs in the world.

The number of animals that pass away in shelters each year is 2 million.

9% of healthy dogs were put to death in Canadian shelters in 2017.

90% of lost pets are eventually located by their owners within a day.

29% of people are forced to give up their dogs because of residential limitations.


Date of National Pet Day

On April 11, it’s National Pet Day.

Is there a holiday honoring pets?

There are other occasions when people show their appreciation for their pets, such as National Puppy Day on March 23 and National Dog Day on August 26.

Why do we also celebrate national dog and cat days?

These occasions are meant to celebrate our most well-known and cherished pets and to once more promote adopting a dog or cat in need of a home. National Pet Day is to emphasize the value of pets in our life and serves as a friendly reminder that other animals such as ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, rats, mice, fish, and reptiles can also be cared for.


Most people own a pet.
67% of American households have a pet. Each year, we spend almost $75 billion on items and pet care.

Animals belong in the family.
According to a 2016 Harris study, 95% of pet owners consider their animals to be members of the family. Seven points have been added since 2007.

Pets are enjoyable.
A pet is the only thing that will chase a ball for you, jump on a laser pointer, or eat carrots out of your hand. Enjoy watching your guinea pig chew up a TP tube, your ferret play in its hammock, or your hamster load its cheeks. Although it’s so adorable, your guinea pig will definitely urinate in your lap.

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