Top 10 friendly pets

Friendly pets are those that are easy to get along with and enjoy spending time with their owners. These types of pets are usually very

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National Pet Day

Even though April 11 is National Pet Day, pet owners realize that they celebrate their animal companions every day of the year. So give your

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pet ownership in USA statistics

Animal companions Dogs Cats Birds Horses percentage of homes with ownership 38.4 36.4 2.8 0.7 number of homes with ownership 48,255,414 31,896,078 3,509,033 893,153 The

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10 most famous dog breeds

Golden retriever. Watch on Youtube Labrador retriever. French bulldog. Beagle German shepherd dog. Poodle Dachshunds Read More: Tips for Road trip with your dog

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Hiking dogs

Hiking with an Anxious Dog

Hiking through the wilderness is exhilarating and worthwhile, especially when accompanied by your four-legged companion. Many dogs enjoy long runs outside, away from the city.

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Secret Dog Sign Language

How to Talk to Your PetEver wished your dog could communicate with you? He does, though not verbally. According to research, dogs have a unique

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